Cryptocurrency: How Journalism Is Fuelling the Fire on the Cryptomarkets

What can this news tell us about the Crypto phenomenon?

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Cryptocurrencies’ unrivalled surge in popularity has led to widespread market intrigue and media interest.

Cryptocoins News Sentiment AI Visualisation & Market Alerts for Crypto/FOREX brokerage, Crypto Exchange, ICO.

How Can AI News Sentiment Help Us Understand This Phenomenon?

Using AI technology, we can analyse the news for sentiment data such as positivity and negativity. It is these opinions that drive market behaviour and by monitoring the changes in opinion. On a mass scale, traders can anticipate market reaction.

Uncover granular opinions from a global voice

Process big fragmented text into a big data AI

Show opinions as visualisations and actionable tools

Combat tackling infobesity and make trends indentifiable

How Does News Volume Help Us Trade Crypto?

News volume across the world wide web acts as an accurate proxy indicator of market volatility. The more news, the more activity in the market and the more volatility traders can expect.

Compared to other assets, the Cryptocurrency market has experienced an unprecedented growth in news volume, suggesting it is one of the most volatile markets to trade.

How is Authoritative Journalism Affecting the Cryptocurrency Market?

Credible news organisations have become the distiller of truth and market leading headlines

Underpinning the move of Cryptos in to main stage trading, respectable media such as Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal now offer a dedicated feed of news, analysis and commentary on the market.

Such credible news organisations have helped to dispel the skepticism around Cryptocurrencies; often acting as the arbiters of truth in a rumor-fuelled market and driving the news agenda.

How Does News Sentiment Affect Price Data?

Using AI technology, it is also possible to gain even greater value from sentiment data by analysing the correlation between news sentiment and price data.

Sentiment Complex tool measures both long term positivity (chart) and short term positivity (linear gauge) towards each Cryptocurrency and compares that to price. We can see dramatic falls in sentiment have led to steep declines in price, as the overwhelming public opinion feeds though into price.

In Market Alerts we move one step further giving a prediction based on analysis how price and news sentiment have interacted previously using sophisticated artificial intelligence.

How It Works?

Analysis of the news sentiment focuses on finding patterns within the market data, similar to the concept of technical analysis which uses price data. News sentiment analysis encapsulates not only the past, but also present and future mood of the market underlying ‘tone’ or ‘mood’ expressed in news articles towards a specific asset or term, e.g. how positive or negative articles are towards Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. Sentiment is extracted automatically from the news and aggregated on a global scale to provide a rolling sentiment gauge, alerts and ides to traders.

How Do I Get Access?

This widget can be customised to meet your company brand guidelines and can be provided via API to your website, mobile/desktop app provided by an HTML5 widget along with Dow Jones cryptocurrencies news.

Turning Global Opinion into a Price Action

When charted, it is clear to see how the dramatic falls in sentiment have led to steep declines in price; evidence that the overwhelming global opinion is driving market behaviour. Here are some of the ways that AI generated data from the news can offer unique insights about the Crypto market:


Backup your technical analysis with news sentiment data

Risk Management

Get market alerts based on news to avoid market crashes or spikes

Market Forecasts

Get trade ideas based on news before even price moves

Captivate Your Clients More Meaningfully

Optimise your marketing, sales and client retention efforts by embedding news sentiment data in to your client’s journey Engage your users by integrating live sentiment data tools throughout your user journey in some simple ways.

data led

Unique dynamic data driven banners increase the appeal to both the advertiser and the end user.

Tranding topic landing pages

By creating unique event and asset class-specific landing pages we can help our clients to a create unique draw to their brand that is constantly refreshing.

bespoke News AI research portals

News Analytics and Sentiment data portals offer a fresh counter balance to old school data feed layout. Clients can choose to add graphics and widgets.

Trade Widgets and alerts

Market Alerts is a tool that generates trade ideas based upon proprietary algorithms across all asset classes.Each alert gives a direction, a time frame and a probability.

trading platform intrgration

We have integrated three of our tools into the most popular MT4 trading terminal.As well we can integrate our tools into any trading platphorm via API.

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