Client — OANDA

Client wanted to engage with users in a way that was different from previous campaigns

  • Integrate news sentiment into user acquisition
  • Get users to a thematic data driven landing pages
  • Change clients' behavior

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Fintech News AI Visualisation & Content Strategy for Spot FOREX & CFDs Brokerage

Oanda UK Election thematic data-driven landing page

Chantelle Johnson, CMO Oanda, London

Why we Invested in Sentiment Data from Acuity:

  • We were already familiar with the concept of sentiment data but we had yet to find a product that we could integrate in to our marketing efforts that we felt would drive change in our clients’ behaviour.
  • We wanted to highlight key, topical events to our clients that were affecting the markets in a more interesting way and offer them a different perspective on these events that could help them in their research.

How Acuity Helped Us:

  • To help with our acquisition efforts, Acuity designed and built a series of sentiment tools that could be used across the client journey.
  • We were able to use these tools to make engaging and topical campaigns by integrating the data in to our marketing assets including banners, emails and landing pages.
  • Acuity embedded their sentiment research portal in our client area which we used to engage our traders beyond their usual trading behaviour.
  • By collaborating with Acuity, we were able to transform our online banners from traditional HTML5 style banners to dynamic banners with integrated sentiment data and text; the first for the industry.
Data-driven HTML5 banners
A landing page for one of the topical events

What Was the Result?

1 %
Trading volumes

Increased Trade Volumes: Using an A/B test, we recorded an increase in trading volumes of 254% during a 3 month period amongst our clients with access to the sentiment portal.


Increased Acquisition: Our campaign around the French Election was a success with over 9 million users flowing through the channel in just one month. This was our number one campaign for 2017.

Client’s Testimonial

What Was the Conclusion?

This has resulted in a significant increase in user engagement.​

In our industry we see the same type of marketing campaigns from every broker but Acuity’s sentiment data tools have enabled us to break away from this norm and offer a unique and more relevant experience to our traders. Acuity really understands the impact of news and events on the markets and their data helps us to tell a story of what’s happening in the markets in a much more engaging and compelling way.
Chantelle Johnson
CMO, Oanda

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