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Client wanted to improve lead generation results from marketing campaigns

  • Provide users with the unique content based on Acuity's sentiment data
  • Show users engaging visualisations
  • Catch users with content-driven banners
  • Land them on trending topical landing pages

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Fintech News AI Visualisation & Content Strategy for Spot FOREX & CFDs Brokerage

STO US Election thematic data-driven landing page

Marios Panagi, CMO AFX Capital, Cyprus – London

Why we Invested in Sentiment Data from Acuity:

  • We were looking for an innovative way to increase our lead acquisition numbers.
  • We were launching a new product into the market and we were keen to promote this in a unique way
  • We wanted to offer something different from our competitors and more specific to our target market.
  • We needed a quick turn around and something that would suit our modest budget.

How Acuity Helped Us:

  • Acuity designed and built a dynamic and unique tool for our wealth management campaign which measures sentiment assets across different markets.
  • Acuity helped us to storyboard the campaign and they provided a solution that was compatible with our budget, resources and time frame.
  • Acuity’s support has helped us to test a new concept with relative ease which we needed to prove to our management team before we could secure additional budget for longer term campaigns of this style.
Content-driven Social Media Post
Content-driven HTML5 Banner
A landing page for one of the topical events

What Was the Result?

1 %
Growth in User Acquisition Funnel
During a 1 month campaign, we saw a 17% increase in our click-through and conversion rates compared to previous campaigns totally 854 leads.
Leads in One Month
We received a visually compelling asset to use across our marketing efforts that is unique, dynamic relevant to our target market.

Client’s Testimonial

What Was the Conclusion?

The successful results of this campaign has meant that we have been able to secure further budget
and we have decided to extend the campaign for a further 12 months.

We operate in an increasingly competitive market and with the changing regulatory requirements it means that we, as a broker, must adapt our marketing efforts to grow our revenues. But, like any change, experimenting can be risky and time consuming. Acuity helped us to overcome these initial reservations, helping us to visualise an alternative approach without over committing ourselves financially or in resources. Acuity supported us throughout the process, responding promptly to questions and technical queries, helping us to transition to this new style campaign with ease and this has resulted in a strong performing campaign and one that we plan to extend.
Marios Panagi
CMO AFX Capital

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