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Client wanted to offer something unique, also they felt company's content was placed in various silos, with different departments not talking to each other.

  • Put together all diverse datasets in one central location.
  • Create a research portal with diverse data and greater usability.
  • Use a bespoke research portal as a lead generation tool.

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Fintech News AI Visualisation & Content Strategy for Spot FOREX & CFDs Brokerage

The ADS PRIME Bespoke Research Portal

Kostas Anthis, Head of Research ADS, Abu Dhabi

Why we Invested in Sentiment Data from Acuity:

  • We were investing in a wealth of content for our clients to help them to make trading decisions but we found that user engagement with the content was low.
  • We wanted to create a better and more direct way to deliver value from this content to our clients and in doing so, increase utilisation and ROI.

How Acuity Helped Us:

  • Acuity helped us to focus on content as a strategic plan across the business and truly understand the value each different content set offers.
  • Through intuitive design, Acuity has helped us to bring together all our disparate content sets to create a more integrated user experience.
  • Acuity has reinforced the value of news to our clients and brought unique insights with their sentiment data tools.
The bespoke portal for ADS with a customised news sentiment research terminal.

What Was the Result?

  • ADS now looks at content as a fundamental strategy to engage users across the entire user journey to drive revenues.
  • We have seen a growth in the usability of our research tools which has enabled us to secure more investment in content technology.

Client’s Testimonial

What Was the Conclusion?

The promising results in engagement and lead generation fields provided us with the opportunity to secure a further budget for additional 12 months.

Acuity truly understands content and the value it offers to traders when delivered in the right way. We now have greater confidence in the investment we are making in our content strategy and this is validated by the high engagement levels of our clients.
Kostas Anthis
Head of Research ADS

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