Client – Admiral Markets

Client wanted to get out of the box of product based user acquisition campaigns.

  • Get different sources of content to work together.
  • Attract new users at lower cost per lead.
  • Integrate different content sets across their web.

Fintech News AI Visualisation & Content Strategy for Spot FOREX & CFDs Brokerage.

Admiral Markets UK Election thematic data-driven landing page.

Paul Erd, Product Manager Admiral Markets, Estonia

Why We Invested in Sentiment Data from Acuity

  • We wanted to make greater use of our purchased content from different providers.
  • Our content was placed in different silos so users had to look into each to get information.
  • We wanted to use all the market data, market commentary and technical analysis content for marketing and user acquisition.

How Acuity Helped Us

  • Acuity shared with us a strategic view of all the content generated throughout the organisation. How various content silos from separate departments can be used together to attract users at different stages of a client journey and optimise the value of that content.​
  • We started to build an integrated path using different content sets across our web, allowing users to have seamless access to various bits of market data and pieces of content explicitly related for the asset they are trading.
  • We launched user acquisition campaigns that were built not around the product but a trending media event. Landing page content was relative to the media topic and focused on how this event impacts markets. This approach allowed us to attract more users who were at the earliest stages of a client journey. We targeted users just outside the competition sandbox that allowed us to get lower CPL/CPM rates.​
  • We initially sat down and looked at how a new fresh tool, News Sentiment, could invigorate up our offering on MT4. Good thing that all the news sentiment analytics widgets could be customised to fit our brand guidelines. With Acuity, we started sewing together different content suppliers for the website and MT4 trading platform.
News sentiment analytics integrated as MT4 widgets.
The page for the UK elections has 3 news sentiment widgets.

What Was the Result?

1 %
Cost per lead

Increased User Acquisition: Our campaign around the UK Election was a new way to go out of the box of product based marketing and attract users at a better cost.


With the help of Acuity’s content strategy and sentiment tools, they brought in three thousands of new leads in 3 months at a lower cost per lead.

Client’s Testimonial

What Was the Conclusion?

Your products are like crack cocaine for my marketing department, they can’t get enough of them!

On a more serious note it has been really interesting working with Acuity. In our product department we often get companies pitching their services, but that is where it stops. Acuity looks beyond the product and helps us understand how their product other products mesh together across different areas of our business. That allows us to maximise the value of the content we buy in or produce in house.
Paul Erd
Product Manager, Admiral Markets

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Real time news sentiment widget on relative to the media event currency pairs. Widget has AI generated text feature.

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News sentiment impact on currency pairs widget with price-sentiment correlation graph.

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Trade alerts based on current price-sentiment correlation for all forex, indices, commodities assets.

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