Acuity Helps:

We help brokers, wealth managers and financial institutions to build an engaging user journey that brings more revenue. For this we help their clients to trade or invest more confidently.

Acuity is a London-based fintech company, specialising in news analytics and the application of content in investment research.

Fintech News Sentiment AI Visualisation, Trading Tools, Research Portals & Content Strategy for Spot FOREX & CFDs Brokerage, Crypto Exchanges, Wealth Managers & Financial institutions.

Andrew Lane, CEO
Nikki Carpenter, COO

What We Do:

  • We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to extract rich sentiment data from news sources that offers the investment community an alternative and unique angle of the markets upon which to make their investment decisions.
  • We transform unstructured news from a global voice into granular opinions & powerful visualisations as an actionable instruments.
  • We help both the institutional quantitative market as well as traditional traders for whom we have developed a portfolio of intuitive, visual trading tools.
  • We develop a content strategy that helps to improve a client journey. The goal of content strategy is to create a content flow that enhances a client's decision making and thus generates more revenue. It involves planning, management, development and optimisation of content across an organisation.
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What a News Sentiment Is

News analytics is the process of understanding the qualitative and quantitative properties within text based news stories through the use of AI technology.

News analytics allows us to understand the global ‘conversations’ that are taking place across the internet at any one time through news and social media channels and what the collective feelings are towards specific targets such as Gold, Brexit and EUR/USD.

By understanding these feeling in a quantitative measure, we have a consensus of the market and anticipate the likely market movement.

Acuity’s Technology

Acuity TruText is a new adaptation of Natural Language Processing.

TruText is Acuity’s proprietary news analytics technology engine. At its core is Natural Language Processing (NLP), a textual mining process that tries to emulate the brain in making sense of text based data, often referred to as ‘unstructured data’.

TruText consumes this vast unstructured data set and processes it to create a structured data set that can be analysed as easily as numerical data.

TruText NLP Engine Capabilities:

  • Emotion detection. Employs a dictionary-based emotional text-classification of online news, where specific emotions are detected in texts.
  • Multiple Sentiment Indices: TruText analyses 9 different sentiment types to gauge a variety of emotions investors are feeling towards global financial assets.
  • 50,000+ assets in 148 Countries: TrueText analyses the sentiment towards over 50,000 financial assets – indices, commodities, crypto and FX pairs.
Acuity NLP TrueText technology
TruText detects points of interest in a raw text.

Where We Get News Sentiment Data

Our TruText engine consumes millions of articles every day from a number of different sources which offer unique value to the end-user. At Acuity we build products based on experience and understanding this value chain.

Try Acuity News Sentiment Data

We use visualizations and intuitive tools to make it easier for traders to understand market conditions and to discover unique trading opportunities with news content. We do this by using big data technology to reveal hidden insights from millions of news articles every day relating to over 70,000+ assets including Dow Jones and WSJ.

Acuity Helps to Improve Client Interaction

Organisations know they need content but don’t know how to turn content in to a trading power. We merge data, content, and visualisation with a client journey to make more visual sense out of the financial world and aid investment decisions.

Uncategorised news feed
  • Unorganised content. Data silos, where data from independent providers doesn't knit together. Content generated across multiple business units without commonality.
  • Poor user experience. Impossible to see the big picture. Hard to define meaningful trends. A poor user experience results in a low utilization.
  • Lack of expertise. Not being specialists in the data/news they are buying in. Organisations waste money on content with little or no ROI.
A modern research experience
  • Content strategy. Acuity has demonstrated the value of connecting different data providers into one single content flow. An optimised content supports a user journey.
  • Made for user experience. Easy to find meaningful information and made a confident decision.
  • 10+ years of news analytics. Market data and news feeds selections are based on a content strategy developed by professionals.

Our Experience & Partnerships

Acuity was founded in 2014 by a team of Dow Jones veterans with experience in financial news dating back to 2005. It was here that we were involved in the advent of text mining when Dow Jones created the first elementized news feed for electronic trading in 2007.

We have continued to develop our capabilities in this dynamic, ground-breaking technology by partnering with leading industry and academic bodies Dow Jones and Barcelona University.

Our Expertise

The people behind the product.

Andrew Lane, CEO

Andrew’s exposure to news analytics came during his 10 year career at Dow Jones. Here Andrew specialized in news-based products, managing the accounts of many large financial institutions and specialist Forex companies. More significantly, it was during this time that Andrew worked with a selection of companies who were developing innovative technologies that were set to transform the way news was delivered and used in the financial industry.

Serving in a number of sales roles, Andrew witnessed how this next generation technology was gradually being adopted and valued by his clients around the world. At the same time, Andrew was working increasingly with the retail online trading sector and began identifying opportunities to bring this cutting edge technology to his clients in this area. It was these observations that were the foundation of what is now Acuity Trading.

Nikki Carpenter, COO

Nikki began her career in financial news in 2004 before joining Dow Jones in 2005. During her time at Dow Jones, Nikki was responsible for the marketing of the Dow Jones newswires and the launch of the algorithmic trading products.

Since leaving Dow Jones Nikki worked with a number of start-up organisations in the news and information sector where she helped business owners to identify and harness the value of their information through a combination of commercial, marketing and partnership opportunities as a way to grow their businesses.


Acuity doesn’t just sell data or data visualisation; News sentiment is intrinsically embedded in the client journey and integrated into brokers’ sales, retention and marketing operations. Acuity products can be divided into 4 groups that all together deliver multiple touch points throughout the trader’s journey when engaging with a broker.

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

By creating unique event and asset class-specific banners and landing pages we can help our clients to a create unique draw to their brand that is constantly refreshing, therefore increasing the appeal to both the advertiser and the end user.
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News Portals

News Portals

Credible news organisations have become the distiller of market data. Respectable media such as Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal now offer a committed feed of news, analysis and commentary on the market available via Acity wodgets.
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Research Tools

Research Tools

From the outset Acuity has been intent on providing an alternative angle to understand the markets. News Analytics and Sentiment data specifically, offer a fresh counter balance to historical price data and technical analysis with forward-looking attributes.
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Trade Tools

Trade Tools

Traders spend most of their time, especially in CFD markets, using their trading terminal. We have integrated three of our tools into the most popular MT4/MT5 trading terminal via EAs. We provide API to integrate any of Acuity widgets into any trading system.
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